Creating your own bar

Custom solutions: from creating your bar to training your bartenders

From turnkey establishment opening to simple training of your future mixologists, we accompany you in your projects with solutions tailored to your needs.
Starting your own business can be a major challenge. Similarly, offering quality cocktail service also has its share of difficulties.

Create the bar of your dreams: from layout to cocktail quality

The development of your cocktail bar is a process that involves several crucial steps. One of them is designing the layout of your bar based on the space you have available. It’s a critical moment that can quickly become complicated without adequate help. You could end up investing time and money in creating an infrastructure that won’t be suitable for producing quality cocktails.

Personalized support to create your ideal bar without unnecessary expenses

That’s where we come in with our customized support. We help you design your workspace by taking into account your real needs and avoiding unnecessary expenses. The result of this personalized support is twofold: you save time and money.

formation barman Bacchus Bartenders Bar consulting Créer son bar

The pre-opening of a bar

One problem, one solution

We are able to solve all the difficulties related to the service delivery process through our customized services.

We offer solutions tailored to the layout of your bar and the menu you want to offer. Depending on your needs, we can work on a part or the entire following elements to provide you with a personalized bar consulting service.

La péouverture d'un bar illustration mixeur cocktail bacchus bartenders mixologie
the pr-openning of a bar : Bacchus Bartenders bar barman formation