Keeping your bar competitive to stay in the game

Staying attractive and competitive can be a challenging process, which is why we offer a repositioning service to help you stay in the game. We can recommend an action plan tailored to your objectives and the constraints of your bar. This includes advice on setting up infrastructure and space layout, equipment and supplier selection, as well as defining the cocktail menu and sales strategy. With our expertise, we can help optimize your bar’s operation and achieve your desired results.

A bar complying with hygiene standards

HACCP standards are essential for maintaining food safety in the bartending industry. As professionals in beverage preparation, we have a responsibility to ensure that the ingredients we use are safe and do not cause health problems for our customers. HACCP standards help us identify potential risks, implement preventive measures, and regularly monitor our work environment. By following these rigorous standards, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable bar experience for our customers.

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