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Our support as a bar consultant

bacchus bartenders Strategy and training
Support options for your cocktail bar to enhance your mixology experience.


bacchus bartenders Strategy and training Our bar event consulting service aims to optimize the efficiency of your bar and cocktail creation processes, for increased productivity and an improved customer experience.

bacchus bartenders
Startegy and training We offer specialized training for bartenders,to optimize their mixology skills and help them become true masters in their field.

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Strategy and training The objectives and content of our mixology training

Tailored training designed to meet your specific needs

Mixology training: Stand out in a competitive market

Our mixology and bar training program recognizes the importance of having a team of qualified bartenders to ensure the success of your establishment. We offer practical and comprehensive training that will enable your employees to master advanced cocktail preparation techniques, deepen their knowledge of ingredients, flavors, and pairings, and develop their creativity to design unique recipes.

Bar Management: From stock planning to customer satisfaction

Our training also covers the efficient setup and management of the bar, including stock planning, supplier management, inventory management, and food safety. We also emphasize the need to provide superior customer service by teaching best practices in communication, customer service, and problem-solving.

Cutting-edge skills to stay competitive

Our goal is to provide your team with the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to create exceptional cocktails, provide an unforgettable bar experience, and help your establishment stand out in a competitive market. With our mixology and bar training, your team will become true professionals in their field, ready to tackle any challenge with confidence and assurance.

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